Kingdom Hardware

At Kingdom you will find world-class hardware and fitting systems. World over, customers from the furniture industry, dealers, joiners, cabinet makers, architects, planners and builders have all given Kingdom's expertise a big thumbs up. The modern designs, matchless range and widespread global network is what has made Kingdom's hardware offerings a runaway success.

Kingdom's wide array of hardware offerings include:
  • Furniture Hardware: Connecting Fittings, Auto Closing Hinges, Sliding Systems, Drawer Channels, Locks, Handles, Knobs, Chipboard screws
  • Building Hardware: Hinges, Door Mortise Locks, Door Handles, Door Closures, Stoppers, Viewers, Electromagnetic Locks, Power Tools, Cleaning Products
  • Glass Hardware: Patch Fitting, Spider Fitting, Pivot Hinges, Floor Spring, Sliding Rollers
  • Lighting: Panel Lights, Furniture Interior Lights
  • Lighting: Panel Lights, Furniture Interior Lights

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